I have completed a number of projects as part of my studies at Simmons SLIS, a selection of which can be found below.

Information Visualization

Usability and User Experience Research

Database Management

Table Top RPG Library

Table top RPGs (Dungeons & Dragons, FATE, etc.) are a hobby of mine. I love creating stories, situations, and mechanics meant to be experienced through table top roleplaying. Though most of my work exists in pencil on paper in my notebooks, but I am trying to transfer some of my content online. You can find it all at AJ's RPG Library!


My resume includes a summary of my previous work experience, including my work in libraries and other field as well as my ever ongoing education.

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Check out my digital projects, including data visualizations and usability reports as well as some more fun projects like Dungeons & Dragons resources!

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Connect with me through social media or email.

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